The days, weeks and months continue to fly by!

It’s been a while! I have been meaning to write but between work, family and friends, I haven’t had very much spare time lately! Casey’s 2nd birthday was three weeks ago, and it was such a fun day! She was so spoiled by all of our friends and family, and we are so thankful for all the wonderful people that love her. Casey loves the TV show Toopy and Binoo, so we had a Toopy and Binoo themed party for her – although with her sudden obsession with Princesses, we almost should have done that instead….oh well, there’s always next year!


After her party we took her to the Waterpark, which she LOVED. Casey still naps during the day so we were worried with how skipping that nap would go over, but we were totally amazed by how much energy she had the entire day. That girl loves the water. Along with her cousin Bella, she spent hours and hours splashing and laying on her belly in the pool. The poor girl was covered in scrapes and bruises from rolling around in the pool so much! But she didn’t even notice; she was having too much fun. We thought she would only last a few hours but we were there from 1:30 till 7 that evening. Even when we got home, Casey stayed up another three hours to play with all of her new toys!! It was a perfect day. Being a mom is my favorite thing in the world and I loved making Casey’s day perfect for her. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my own birthday, and having a child now gives me another birthday to go all out for!

Casey has also started swimming lessons, which I am enjoying just as much as her. It’s really nice to have that uninterrupted time with her – a time where I can completely focus on her, and get to do something that she enjoys so much. Like I said, that girl loves the water, so seeing her with a huge smile on her face the entire time, makes me happy. James and I are taking turns going with her, and I know he’s enjoying it too.

In less than two days James and I are off to Mexico with family and friends. We’ve never been to Mexico; we’ve always done the Caribbean, so we are very excited to visit a new country. Casey is staying behind with my parents, and we are going to miss her SO badly. The longest I have been away from her has only been one night (since I’ve been home from the hospital) so it’s definitely going to be hard. But we are really looking forward to having a relaxing week on the beach. Working 40 hours a week plus having a child makes for a very, very busy lifestyle and we can’t wait to do nothing. And I know she is going to have an amazing time with my parents.

This morning my sister-in-law and I went for pedicures, which was my first in years- and I gotta say, I was a little nervous!! The average person may wonder why on earth a pedi would make me nervous, but anyone with GBS will likely understand my fear. Because my nerves are not regenerated all the way, the bottoms of my feet are severely sensitive. Minor touching makes me flinch, and when walking in bare feet, I can feel every single tiny crumb on the ground, which feels like sharp glass to me. Luckily though, the pedicure wasn’t too bad. It’s so hard to explain my residuals to people; how my nerves do not react correctly to touch, but I think it’s especially strange how my nerves also don’t react correctly to temperature. Even though my nerves are overly sensitive to being touched, my feet have no feeling whatsoever when it comes to temperature. I can’t tell with my feet when my bath is hot, and I can literally walk barefoot on snow without feeling the cold. Yet when it comes to my hands, it’s the opposite – when I touch snow, it’s an instant sharp stinging pain. GBS has definitely done some strange things to my body that’s for sure! I tell my husband that sometimes I feel like I am superhero with my superhuman sense of touch!

I continue to volunteer with the GBS Foundation, and I am so happy to be able to share my story and help others. A patient that I have recently been in contact with wrote me that my support has made such a difference in his optimism level. That is exactly why I wanted to do what I am doing with the Foundation and I am so happy that I can give someone else hope for their future.

Another exciting thing going on is that our best friends welcomed their new baby girl Morgan into our lives. These friends, who are Casey’s godparents, also gave us the wonderful honor of being Morgan’s godparents. I am so overjoyed for them to be parents – being a parent is absolutely the most rewarding thing in the world. I am so excited for this the next step in their lives. They are going to be amazing at it and I couldn’t be happier for them.

This week James and I also finished INSANITY, which I couldn’t be more proud of myself for completing. At this time last year I was just starting physiotherapy three days a week, and I wasn’t even strong enough to run. It amazes me that in less than a year I went from not being able to run yet, to learning how to run again, to running 5 km’s, to completing the INSANITY program. I still remember the third or fourth time I went for a run – the pain in my ankles and knees was so severe that after only ten minutes, I had to stop. I remember that as I limped back to my house, tears poured down my face. I had been trying so hard, and I wanted so badly to run, but I couldn’t. The pain was too intense. I almost couldn’t make it home and I almost called James to pick me up, but I didn’t. I cried the entire way home, not because of the pain, but because I was so disappointed. I thought that I was never going to be able to run again. I feared that this was it for me; that this was as strong as my ankles were ever going to get and that I would never be able to work out the way I wanted to. My spirit was broken that day and I almost gave up going again. But after a few days’ rest, I gave it another shot. And I’m so glad that I did. The pain was still there, but a lot better, and I pushed through it. And each day got easier and easier, until eventually that pain was gone. And after four months of going for runs four days a week, and seeing what my body was capable of, it gave me the courage to try the Insanity Program. I knew it would be hard, but I also knew that all I had to do was keep trying.

I am so proud of myself that I have completed the entire Insanity program! I think it’s pretty impressive for anyone to complete this program, let alone someone that had GBS and could barely even walk a year and a half ago. The program itself was very intense and challenging but I loved every minute of it. And what made it even more fun was getting to do it with my husband. We both pushed each other and I know I couldn’t have done it without his motivation and support along the way. My next venture, once we are home from Mexico, is Chalean Extreme – another Beach Body home fitness program that focuses more on strength training. And I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes!


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