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It’s been quite a while since I have written anything. Several different personal things going on in my life right now have really held me back from having the time, energy or focus needed to sit down and write. But I received some exciting news today that I really wanted to share and decided to write a quick update to everyone!

First off, my YouTube video recently hit 50,000 views on YouTube!! I am absolutely amazed by this number. I continue to get emails from people all over the world that have seen it and want to reach out to thank me for inspiring them, and helping them or their family members deal with GBS. I can’t thank my mom enough for taking all of the pictures and videos that she did, because without those, there would not be a video. Not only is this YouTube video helping to create awareness on the disease, I know that it is also helping others with their fight with GBS, just like Kit’s video did for me.

The EXTREMELY exciting news is that I just found out my book will be featured at LitFest this October!! Litfest is a non-fiction literature festival that celebrates writing over 12 days throughout Edmonton at various different venues. I am very fortunate to be among approximately 50 authors chosen to be showcased. I know that this is HUGE exposure for my story and Guillain-Barre syndrome and I am so excited to take part in this festival!

A quick update on Casey, as everyone continues to ask about her (she’s the star of my story): she is almost 2 and a half and she is growing up so quickly. She is the biggest girly-girl (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!); she loves princesses, jewelry, makeup, and wearing dresses EVERY minute of every day. She is also talking up a storm and I am loving that we can actually carry on full conversations with her now. We also recently potty trained her, which I apologize to those that have difficulty with this, but it really was unbelievably easy with her. She’s so easy going and it was such a simple switch from diapers to the potty. It’s so cliché, but it’s so true- they really do grow up so fast!


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  1. Colleen says:

    Thanks Holly and Mom for documenting this journey. Our son a soldier in the New Zealand Army was also out of the blue struck with GBS. He was very lucky and his respiratory system did not have severe effect. I am a nurse and for the first time in my life I was scared. Watching him debilitate was so scary my strong young man unable to talk walk speak….I was a mess inside. Watching him struggle was so hard, we cried when we left his bedside, as his training in the military said show no weakness. He did not want to see our weakness I saw one tear and one why me Mom. I have so much more admiration for this young man I call my son. He fought his battle with determination everyday his humour and his I will defeat this I am a warrior helped us see that he was so exceptional. We found he lead us through. He did not want to stay in ICU against DR and nurses who said we will probably see you back when they moved him to the rehabilitation ward. He walked slowly out of ICU to the delight of us and the other families there with loved ones. He was so determined. Molly his girlfriend found your story and we watched and cried but somehow found the inspiration in it to cry but feel there was hope. So thank you Holly. My son name is Zac he is a Kiwi Canadian he is a fighter one of the first to be promoted in a year to Lance Corporal he was on course and had his kidney shut down with gastro bug and still walked 12 miles before being sent to hospital. Rehydrated and the ordered back to work 3 days later then 5 days later struck with GBS. He is out of hospital and everyday is better…Thank you for sharing Colleen

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