“Flaws are just a unique piece of our history”



“In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the objects history, which adds to its beauty. CONSIDER THIS when you feel broken”

SUCH a beautiful quote!! I found this photo on my computer, of the scar on my stomach a couple weeks after the 34 staples were removed. After seeing this I see that my scar actually healed pretty nicely !! When I was diagnosed with GBS, I was brought to ICU because I could no longer breathe on my own. The doctors decided to do plasmapheresis as a treatment as soon as I got into ICU – a process in which the plasma from my blood is removed and replaced with a plasma substitute. A catheter would be inserted into a major vein in my body; in my case a vein on the right side of my groin. This is supposed to be a fairly routine procedure, however when inserting the catheter into my vein, my femoral artery was accidentally punctured (I have tiny veins) which ruptured it and caused massive internal hemorrhaging. I was rushed into emergency surgery, where my stomach was cut in two to get to the bleeding. I spent severals hours in surgery, and doctors told my family to be prepared that I may not survive it. I did survive obviously, although this was just the beginning of an extremely long journey as now not only did I have to recover from such invasive surgery, my body was at the same time attacking itself and about to get much worse from the Guillain-Barre.

It’s actually quite amazing how our bodies are capable of healing and scarring. The scar left on my groin is quite painful when touched but the scar on my stomach feels as if it’s not even there. Our scars are a constant reminder of how strong we are, and these “flaws” really are a unique piece of our history.

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