GBS Walk & Roll – Calgary, AB


Just a reminder that I am participating in a walk & roll in Calgary (Glenmore Park) on Saturday, May 12th at 10am . This walk and roll is in honor of Laura Jean Rutherford, who was diagnosed with GBS in 2016. She is in the process of recovering, and still dealing with a lot of issues – she has been in the hospital for 2 years already :(. This event is a way to raise awareness for GBS AND to raise some money for the GBS foundation in support of funding and research! We have raised almost $10,000!

If you live in the Calgary area and would like to join us, my family and I will be participating in the walk – so come join our team!!! There is no registration fee to participate, but you can also donate if you’d like! The details of how to register are below.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to donate in support of our team’s walk, you can do also do so here!!

*Why are events like this important? Because rare diseases don’t get the same amount of exposure that other diseases get. It may be rare, but people still need resources and support. So please donate!!!





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  1. Laura Rutherford says:

    Hi Holly. I watched you inspirational video about your GBS journey. Truly inspiring – Casey has one special mom. Congratulations on your recent hike too. We do live in a wonderful province to go on a hike to amazing views upon our completion.

    I had not realized you lived in Edmonton – thank you so much traveling all the way for my walk. It was great meeting you, along with Dean and his wife. Felt bad I could not spend more time with you both. In June I moved back to Peter Lougheed hospital to await placement to long term care until I can recover where I can live on my own (do miss my sense of independence). I was able to pick up where I left off before going to rehab as I received the same physio aide and she worked arms, hands and legs. My hands are finally curling and able to feel the strength coming back in my arms. The big change is am now pushing my legs down a bit and she feels the muscles triggering to bring the legs up. I’ll take those positives. I still keep the hope of returning back to work,it just will take time (definitely learn patience with this disease). Similarly to you, having a wonderful supportive mom and friends have made the difference in my recovery.
    It was great to meet you in May. Take care. Laura Rutherford

    • Laura! It’s so nice to hear from you! And so incredible to hear that your strength is coming and your PT can feel your muscle triggering! I remember that happening to me as well. I know your journey is proving to be so much longer than mine but please don’t let that hold you back from fighting to get your life back! I see so many people gain strength years and years later. Hope to see you again soon! Xoxo

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