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Holly’s Journey: From Guillain-Barre Syndrome to Happily Ever After.

Andrew’s Story: Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

From paralyzed, to American Ninja Warrior – my battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

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Holly’s hospital videos

Holly doing range of motion exercises in ICU

Holly moving from the bed to a chair in a sling

Holly moving her arm for the first time.

Special moments between Holly and Casey

Holly wheeling in a wheelchair for the first time

Holly traveling in a vehicle with a wheelchair

Holly standing for the first time

Holly learning to walk with parallel bars

Holly doing arm workouts in wheelchair

Holly doing arm workouts in wheelchair

Holly doing leg workout in wheelchair

Holly learning to walk with a walker


25 Responses to GBS Videos

  1. Linda White says:

    Holly I loved your video, and I am so thankful that you fully recovered. I fought the GBS monster 18 years ago and so I cried like a baby watching you, I guess you never forget the struggle. I did not fully recover my lower legs so walking is difficult even with braces, but I am able to ride a bike and recently I rode 30 miles, my goal for my 67th birthday! I feel as long as we set goals in front of us we keep going. I like you had a very supportive family, my daughter is a PTA now, and her and I are active in natural healing therapies, even though GBS is a tough thing to go through, it changes your life journey, I know it did mine, Thank you for posting this video.

  2. Nefi says:

    I saw your video on YouTube yesterday and I really admire your story. I can’t imagine myself in your situation…
    (I’m sorry for my English, but I’m from Czech Republic – it’s in the middle of the Europe. Your story is becoming world-wide known…)

  3. Maria Ramos says:

    Such courage, love and Faith. Your story is an inspiration. God bless you more.❤❤❤

  4. Genesis says:

    I saw this on Viral Thread just today. I can tell how appreciative you are and how hard you have worked to get to where you are. What an inspiration. Casey is a lucky girl.

  5. Sally says:

    I have just watched the video an it’s taken me back ,back in January 2011 I had the exact symptoms ,was hospitalised and in intensive care until April on life support paralysed from neck had tracheostomy .Its been very emotional to watch as there are different strengths of it ,but watching your video we have been on the exact same journey ,even down to the eye patch you were wearing I guess u had double vision as did I .My husband and 2 children aged 11 and 13, family and amazing friends got us through this very difficult time in our lives ,I’m now practicing to run in a 5 k race . You were very brave to be filmed I hated people seeing me the way I was greasy hair ,someone having to clean my teeth for me .The medical staff ,doctors and nurses an phsyio have got me to where I am today an will be forever greatfull .Im pleased to see that it has been put out for the world to see its quite rare and the signs need to be recognised early so that you hopefully will make a full recovery ,I was 39 yrs old when I was diagnosed with it ,they said I had age on my side ,sadly a lady that I was in hospital with in her 60’s with the same illness as me died last year. I wish you an your family all the best for the future .

  6. KaTe says:

    Hello Holly I congratulate you an incredible power to return to health and courage. I’ve never had before to deal with this type of disease. Sometimes I see some videos or hear in the news about as unpleasant circumstances. I am full of admiration for people like you who have immense power to fight and not give up. You are an inspiration for many people. Probably for You the most powerful inspiration was Your Little girl…..:) She is beautiful… We learn to appreciate the everyday life and enjoy life with every second. Once again congratulations and much health and happiness in life. Regards KaTe:)

  7. Anasuya says:

    God is great.I am inspired by your Video about GBS. My husband is also suffering from gbs from two weeks same condition. It is helpful for us to understand the effects and recovery. I hope he recovers fast. Thank you for sharing the video.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing story i just couldnt stop watching this video.what an inspiration you are to passing this along when i share it .thank you so very much for this information G.B.S.I’ve never heard of this desease.May God be with you in all you do in life.Amen..

  9. Eugene says:

    Truly inspiring to one going through the process, I just stumbled upon your video…wow!
    No one to date has sat down and explained the details of recovery to me so you can imagine where my state of mind has been, now I’m at the stage where I can walk with a walker although wobbly. The video sheds some light as to a possible time frame for recovery or stage of recovery and I love the ending, that I look forward to. I live in northern Alberta Canada, the disease/disorder is a mystery to most and as yet I have found little to no help in the local area. I continue to improve on a daily basis (fingers crossed) through personal physical exercises as far as my body and mind will allow. I’m trying to find additional support in regard to rehabilitation and I appreciate any information.

    • hollygerlach says:

      Hi Eugene, yes Gbs is quite the journey. I myself had never heard if it either and most of my doctors had never dealt with it. Where in Alberta are you? I am in Edmonton. I’m the liaison with Gbs foundation and can get you information.

  10. Ashton says:

    Hello, Holly. Your story truly touched my heart and changed my outlook on GBS. I saw your video at school today. I’m pursuing a degree as a respiratory therapist, and we are currently learning about this dreadful disease. Seeing your video really put things in perspective for not only me, but for our class as a whole. Thank you for sharing your story; it was truly a blessing!
    Philippians 4:13
    I wish you all the best in your continued recovery!

    • hollygerlach says:

      Thank you very much for your comments. And thank you for doing what you do! The RTs were such a huge part of my experience in ICU, the ones I had were absolutely amazing and helped me so much!!

  11. Brenan says:

    Holly, what an inspiration you and your husband are!

  12. Fatin says:

    My dear Holly,

    You are really my hero, hopefully I can have your same success.

    Warm regards

  13. Michelle Cameron says:

    I remember hearing about this on the news and then seeing her with her book.
    As a mom of 3 and having had a 10 year career as a physio assistant, this is an amazing story. The human body is incredible in its healing and I know we have some of the best health care workers here in our city. Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. Shirley Lainchbury Brown says:

    Holly, your are amazing! I love your spirit and determination. With the awesome Grace of God and a wonderful husband and mother, you have beaten this terrible thing.

    • hollygerlach says:

      Thank you Shirley! Are we somehow related? My mothers maiden name is Launchbury!

      • Shirley Lainchbury Brown says:

        Yes, Holly, we are first cousins, once removed. Your Mom and I are first cousins. Your grandpa is my Uncle Albert. My dad Elwin, is his brother. We met for the first time at the family Reunion (2005). The summer after your terrible ordeal you and your mom and Casey came out to Wetaskiwin to see us. I had brought my daughter Ginnie (your second cousin) and grandbaby Claire (Casey’s third cousin) to Canada for a visit with my Mom. We had a great visit and we all commented on how nice that three generations of cousins could be together. I think your mom has pictures. You were walking but still recuperating. That summer was a difficult one for you and you still had a long ways to go, but you had alfeady come so far. You are an inspiration for sure. One just never knows how they will be challenged, and how determination, faith and a strong family bond is so crucial to healing. A great role model.
        I hope it is not too long til we can meet again. Claire and Casey would have so much fun together.

      • hollygerlach says:

        Hi Shirley, of course I remember you. It was a great visit we had that day. Would love to get the girls back together!

  15. Cavell Alyward says:

    Wow – I finished watching your video and said to myself “it’s amazing” – It truly is Holly – so proud of you and your family – you have done well girl. God is definitely good. Much love to you and yours’. Cavell Alyward

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